AWARDS 2018-19

 9 rides covering 123 miles

50 miles: Jenny Crowther / Wendy Webb

150 miles: Sara Chidlow

200 miles: Sara Chidlow

300 miles: Morag Marshall

400 miles: Francesca Wrigley

450 miles: Francesca Wrigley

700 miles: Gail Hark

800 miles: Samantha Holding

1300 miles: Jane Stewart

1400 miles: Sue Williams

1500 miles: Pat Guerin

1600 miles: Rachel Rolfe

The Brink Trophy donated by Sarah Emery

For Best Junior Rider.....not awarded this year

The Lady Jane Trophy donated by The Jolley Family

For Best Senior Rider: Sara Chidlow

The Musketeer Trophy donated by Jane Ridley

For Best Veteran Rider: Gail Hark

The Naylon Trophy donated by John & Wenslie Naylon

For Best Veteran Horse: Rachel Rolfe’s "Bhautika"

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